Saturday, 24 February 2018

Travellers Notebook. Nature Walk: Documenting Memories.Stampin' Up! Australian Demonstrator.

I love documenting memories in a Travellers Sized Notebook. I made traditional 12" x 12" albums for over 20 years, and much as I love my old albums, they are very difficult to store on a shelf, as most bookshelves are neither tall enough nor deep enough to house them.

I like to print on my home printer, and we all know the cost of ink refills! One of the great things about the smaller sized canvas of a Travellers Notebook is that you can put much smaller photos into your layout and still feel that the photo commands attention, rather than being swallowed up in a plethora of "similar" shots (yes, I know it's hard to choose just one shot when you have snapped dozens of photos of that birthday event, or that holiday ) in order to fill the double page spread of a 12" album.

However, what I am finding now is that I want to document much more regularly, rather than JUST birthdays and holidays, and documenting daily life is really important to me as a way of keeping a visual diary of my life as a newlywed.

Paul and I are crafting a life together, and remembering all the simple rituals and daily routines is turning out to be fun!

Life is a matter of moments.

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Have a marvellously creative day!
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